Marco Giovannini

Packaging, Materials & Mechatronic


Holder of the title “Merit for Labour” since 2012, Marco Giovannini boasts more than 35 years’ experience in packaging, materials & mechatronics industries, having served as Chairman and CEO of Guala Closures S.p.A., of which he has also been main shareholder.

While in Guala Closures, he ran 3 Private Equity funding rounds, 2 IPOs and the issue of three listed bonds. He also contributed to develop over 70 patents, both for highly complex packaging systems and manufacturing processes; lastly, he patented a bottle closure equipped with a microchip readable with NFC technology.

Prior to his role at Guala Closures, he held various international positions as top manager at Carnaud Metalbox (Crown Cork & Seal Group), Bormioli Rocco, Allumino Italia, and FIAT T.T.G

He is the sole Italian speaker at the World Material Forum, being recognized as one of the foremost global experts in the materials and packaging sector. He also delivered numerous lectures at both Italian and international universities on topics related to innovation and business development, often emphasizing value creation through financial leverage.

In July 2022, he founded Groupack Sarl, aimed at consolidating and innovating the packaging and mechatronic industry through the creation of a global excellence pole.